Sir, that's my Emotional Support Eldritch Abomination...

Hey, I'm Obbi, I'm older than time but also 23. I use ze/zir/zem or they/their/them. My main social media is tumblr. I am a Music Composition Major, and I'm in the process of adding a second major in Computational Mathematics. You can view my compositions so far here! I play many instruments:

I consider myself a vocalist mainly if I had to pick a main instrument, although, I am a jack-of-all-trades kinda person. I am actually starting a band that might be close to having a name, so look out for that page shortly! Mathematically speaking, I am currently in Calc II. I will list all the other fun math classes once I start taking them! Until then, this may be a blog of some kind, but probably not uploaded daily. I will add the dates in the American format (month/day/year) as I go so the context of time is available. I'll add other pages as I think of them too! Have fun!~